Friday, April 24, 2009

Seasoning A Cast Iron Skillet

The Irreplaceable Cast-Iron Skillet

Seasoning- A new skillet is coated with a preservative, wash in
hot water to remove. Dry completely.
Do Not omit the first seasoning before using
you skillet. Use a good grade of vegetable shortening - most people
use Crisco to season their skillets,.

Using a paper towel or new
sponge, spread the melted shortening all over the inside and outside
of entire skillet. including the lid if has one. Place skillet in
oven and lid upside down on top rack of your kitchen oven. Put
aluminum foil on the lower rack so that any excess oil can drain onto
it. Close the range door then turn on oven, set the oven temperature
for 350 degrees and let it bake. for at least one hour. Turn oven off
and let everything cool back down to room temoerature with oven door
still closed. Your skillet is now seasoned and ready to use.


After scraping out all uneaten food from your skillet use
HOT water, no soap, and a plastic or natural fiber pad or brush to
wash out the skillet. Never pour cold water into skillet as it will
damage your skillet. Dry the entire skillet and lid using paper or
cloth towels and then recoat the entire surface of skillet. Do Not
use strong detergent or you will have to reseason your skillet.

This information was given to me when I took a Dutch Oven class at
National Wild Turkey Federation Women In The Outdoors event. I have
been using skillets and Dutch Ovens for years and learned some new
things at this event.

You might want to leave for the hour as it does make a smell. Hope
this helps.
Betty In Mo

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