Thursday, April 2, 2009

Paulissa's Veggie Broth

I keep a freezer bag of veggie scraps in my freezer - celery tops, potato skins, onion skins and tops, green pepper portions from when you cut the top off, wilted lettuce, etc. Pretty much anything that isn't spoiled. Leftover veggies that are too few for a serving but you don't want to throw it away either. When the bag gets full, empty it into a pan, cover with some water and simmer until it turns golden broth. Strain the veggie scraps (I put them in the compost heap) and then I freeze the broth to have on hand. No salt, and cheaper than buying it at the store.


  1. I used to do this. Superior flavor compared with the flavor of store bought.


  2. Yep and healthier too because there is no added salt.


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