Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monthly Food Cycles

Monthly Food Cycles


by Michelle in Rolling Meadows, IL

I attended a class that discussed the monthly food cycles that grocery stores rotate through, and I decided, "There's no way I'm going to remember all this stuff." So one lazy weekend, I printed all the information on address labels, and put them on the appropriate month in my calendar. The following are the items I posted to my calendar:

January - Football food: chili,chips and 2 liters of pop

February - Valentine's Day: candy and chocolate (which I freeze and use in future baking recipes)
March - Frozen foods

April - Spring cleaning: cleansers and paper products

May - Summer BBQ prep: condiments and meats

June - Beat the heat: ice cream

July - Summertime: sodas, more condiments, hamburger patties and buns

August - Breakfast: frozen waffles, cereal and juices

September - Back to school: lunchbox snacks, drink boxes, packaged lunch meats and canned soup (I don't have kids, but I use this info to pack my lunch for work.)

October - Frozen foods and baking products (in preparation of the holidays)

November - Foods to warm you: hot cocoa, coffee, tea, canned soups and foods and Thanksgiving staples

December - Holiday parties: party platter foods, cold cuts, sour cream, dips, chips, crackers, ham, stuffing, potato mixes, butter, pie fillings, pie crusts and soups

Now I don't have to remember when is a good time to shop for sales on particular products. And, if I have coupons, I can hang onto them in anticipation of these monthly sales!

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