Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Freezer Veggie Broth (Salt Free)

I love soup and find it one of the best things to eat while watching
what I eat. I very rarely use cans of anything (outside of tomatoes,
occasionally corn) for soup. I keep soup stock fixings ready in my
freezer. Whenever I cut vegetables for any other meal, I toss the bits
and pieces of the vegetables in my freezer bag.

Things to add to soup fixings could be any and all of the following:
carrot tops and peelings, celery leaves, tomato tops, cucumber ends and
peelings, cabbage leaves(not too much though), left over lettuce,
broccoli (not too much), spinach ends, etc, a piece of bacon, a chicken
leg, an end of a steak, onion tops (remove the brown skin if possible),
green onion ends, and so on and so on.

When the bag gets full, I boil some water, toss the frozen scraps in,
and then simmer for a while. Strain the scraps and then there is a
beautiful vegetable broth. It is cheaper than using canned broth, and
much healthier because there is no sodium in it. Of course, your soup
stock never tastes the same way twice because you never have the same
amount or type of veggies. Also, if there is a left over scrap of
meat...I toss that into my freezer soup bag, too.

Then, to the stock I add any vegetables that I have on hand, some meat,
some beans, canned tomatoes, and season with whatever you like. Soup is
the perfect meal...but you don't really need any specific recipe for
It is really impossible to mess up soup!

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